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All Important Information ! : MUST READ

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1All Important Information ! : MUST READ Empty All Important Information ! : MUST READ on Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:29 am


DLL How to get Started and how everything works round here

Hello guys Banzai 7T here bringing you, The DLL. There are a few rules so sit back get a cup of coffee and chill out.

How the system works:

Once you have registered for the DLL, You will then be required to set up a Battle Thread under the Battle Lounge Section of this forum. Once that is complete you are set to go after reading the rules that are listed below.

Rules And other important Information

1: How the battles are judged ?

The two people who will be battling will decide between them wether or not they would like corner or spectate judging, both are allowed but you must at all times have a minimum of 3 judges

2: What are Car Restrictions ?

You are given the choice to use what type of rule set you like, but just like judging you must both decide on the rule set before you battle

The Rule Sets Are :

3: How do I rank up ?

The ranking system, is very simply and user friendly. Every time you battle wether you win or lose that battle you are guaranteed some points. There are going to be 21 Levels and Unlimited amount of Ranks. Here is the amount of points you need for the levels
Level 1 - Rookie - 0 Points
Level 2 - Rookie - 5 Points
Level 3- Rookie - 10 Points
Level 4 - Rookie - 15 Points
Level 5 - Rookie - 20 Points
Level 6 - Rookie - 25 Points
Level 7 - Amateur - 30 Points
Level 8 - Amateur - 35 Points
Level 9 - Amateur - 40 Points
Level 10 - Amateur - 45 Points
Level 11 - Amateur - 50 Points
Level 12 - Pro - 55 Points
Level 13 - Pro - 60 Points
Level 14 - Pro - 65 Points
Level 15 - Pro - 70 Points
Level 16 - Pro - 75 Points
Level 17 - Expert - 80 Points
Level 18 - Expert - 85 Points
Level 19 - Expert - 90 Points
Level 20 - Expert - 95 Points
Level 21 - Expert - 100 Points

As soon as you hit 101 points your rank will change to Rank 1 Level 1 rather than just level 1.

4: We're do I post my battle results

After every battle is complete you must try and post your battle results in the Battle Results thread as soon as possible, there will be a sheet in the thread that will show you how to fill it out

5: How do I get my new licence

Every week I will update a thread with everybody's new licences, also every month in the #1 Forza Magazine everyone who has achived a new lience will be published in the DLL section of DriftThis

6: Is there a limit on battles per week

No there is no limit, you are aloud to freely organise as many battles as you want

7: Forum Rules !

The DLL forum is going to be pretty relaxed about alot of things, but a couple of things we will NOT ACCEPT IS

- Rasict remarks

- Drama

Other than that HAVE FUN!

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